Pest Control

Pest control as a business has been around for as long as there have been pests and people who don’t want them in their homes. The pests that plague people and the methods of controlling them may not have changed much over the years. But times certainly have changed, and consequently pest control companies, like most businesses, have to adapt their methods of marketing. The old school approaches, like word-of-mouth, yellow pages listings, and ads in the local newspaper are losing their relevance, and new approaches are needed. Here are some ideas of ways you can market your pest control business, which should help you distinguish yourself from your competitors. 

Before we begin, keep in mind that most content is designed to answer a question. So if you’re looking for great content ideas, keep an ear open to your customers. Often they’ll have questions that will turn into helpful posts. Other ideas include:

  • Information on pests and pest behaviors.
  • Information on the specific services you offer (important).
  • Information on specific pesticides for pests.
  • Information on health risks and degree of risk for some pesticides.
  • Information on do-it-yourself pest control.
  • Information on exclusion and prevention.
  • Information on pest evaluations, how they work, what you look for, etc.
  • Information on success rates, follow ups, etc.